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The moral destruction

Everything is falling apart. Finally a story of lies and falsehoods sold to force empty sets and fancy trappings give way to what we have generated ten years of Kirchner.Many might be tempted at this point and feel a great compulsion to enumerate the tremendous economic upheavals that the government of the Kirchner family have unnecessarily provoked the country. Nonsense from the incompetence, ignorance, stubbornness, bitterness and an unexplained rage against the world that can only be understood in inhospitable populated minds and ignorance.But those are nothing havoc alongside other evils far worse than the "winning decade" has left us. The worst harvest Hurricane "K" is not measured in economic numbers, unfortunately. While that side is alarming, is not the most expensive.The Kirchner have broken society. If anything was left standing of this network after the calamities of 2001, Nestor and Cristina were responsible for detonating. The marriage ended destroy the already weak notion that society had the distinction differentiates good from evil, right from wrong and what honorable and shameful.In a barrage that propagandeó disvalues ​​of discord, jealousy, resentment, division, disrespect and rebellion against law and order, destroyed the notion of coexistence and kindness.Many traders plundered other provinces of Cordoba and saw the faces of those who, just hours earlier their clients were criminals who had been in front of their noses weeping, the fruit of their labor and their savings.They have been there too, surely, scoundrels, excluded and "real" criminals, but many were their neighbors, people he was supposed a community of shared values ​​until hours before the coven.The Baldwin came up that bone cohesion. Dynamited relations kindness and harmony and carried a subliminal message of hatred and arrogance that infected everyone with the conviction that by force you can have what you want.He stole the world, businesses and society as a whole. Boasted that "vividness" at all, as if the open and blatant dishonesty was a feat. Soliviantó law in general and property rights in particular, transmitting the latent idea that everyone who came to have something in life as a result of their work and effort was an "operator" and a bad born and in change, which appropriates the alien theft and crime is a poor man you must understand the lengths to which he has subjected the "social exclusion", caused by the first. At the same time I send signals impunity to officials who multiplied their fortunes from the open public service and blatantly as perhaps never before had seen the Argentina. That crime message was decoded by the mass as a pass to do the same in everyday within society.This moral decay is the true legacy of Kirchner. This degradation of ourselves as people, as individuals is what really should be measured as the heritage that was probably the worst calamity in institutional and social terms, the country has known since Caseros.The Kirchner made us worse than we were. Unfortunately we came Argentines living outside normal since many decades. The preeminence of the law, the value of honesty, supremacy of effort and work had been replaced by a reign while diagonal and shortcuts.In that rule, many benefited by a preponderance of the black arts and obstinate custom of the country to reward miscreants rather than honest hardworking workers and citizens.To adapt the positive law to that table semidelincunciales values: always defaulting was awarded, provided the "Sparky" took the lion's share, always taking the shortcut or the shoulder got better revenue than respecting the legal way. And all that I went receptando in the law itself as to make everything more consistent.The crisis of the early century deepened this decomposition. And amidst the tremor, the Kirchner arrived.His unexplained and inexplicable fury deepened social culture broth; multiplied and exploded outrage to his advantage rather than mitigate it and threw gasoline on the fire, rather than appease. He did what many, with exemplary simplicity-defined as fascism: climbed a balcony and told the half of society that all the evils suffered were the fault of the other half.The Argentines did not need that fuel. But had it in spades, almost morbid distributed. The harvest of that seed is what we see today: neighbors who rob their neighbors, in an orgy of perversion.Can anyone believe that the wage claims of the police and provincial security forces can justify and explain themselves dantezcas the images we saw on television? Behind all this are the consequences of social design Kirchner: a million young people between 16 and 24 who neither study nor work, not because they can. but because for 10 years received the invisible vaccine that is possible to live without studying and without working. Years tapping with words and deeds, who backed roadblocks connections, schools, violence, hooligans, disorder, abuses and the complete disregard of merit, have led to the minds of these young people the idea that a many threats, stealing and eventualmernte, killing, can be reached quickly so that the work would return only after years of effort.In the background, behind his revolutionary shell, Kirchner enthroned an enormous frivolity.And not one that qualifies with the trappings of developing deep seriousness and work, but an accessory that becomes primary and the only engine that appears to move the horizon of life.It is likely that as many sound economic course taken by someone more credible Kicillof time the neo-Marxist, to order the huge economic slump that created the "winning decade," a decade after 10 years of theoretical resounding triumphs can not pay police and should ration scarce dollars that occurs because your insane logic makes them disappear as if by magic from the coffers of the Central Bank.But the moral damage done to the core of the social backbone will take generations to repair. The drug, degradation of values, the pejorative treatment right and the trivialization of the crime only extirpated after years and years of perseverance on opposite values.Perhaps the upside collateral 10 years of Kirchner is precisely this: to know that the only way to remove the tumor that begat social is doing the opposite of what he did. After all, a roadmap towards goodness, harmony and the rule of law is very clear in Argentina: enough to ask what Kirchner did in those cases in these 10 years, and then do everything backwards.Translated BY GOOGLE from

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