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Interview with Patrick Villalonga, "The Road to the Mastery" founder and director

Who is Patricio Villalonga?
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Patricio holds an Economics Degree and an extensive training in management. He developed an important career in companies like Grupo Macri, Indupa and Shoeller & Cabelma.

He was trained in different schools of leadership and coaching with recognized specialists like Fredy Kofman and Julio Olalla. Since 1998, he develops his own both organizational and personal programs and workshops .
He was director and partner of Leading Learning Communities with Fredy Kofman and directed the ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires) Center for Organizational Learning. He taught courses and workshops in Argentina, United States, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Bolivia and Puerto Rico, and was hired by companies such as Microsoft, Bank Boston, Aguas Argentinas, Telefonica de Argentina, Philips, Visa, Procter Gamble, Clarin, Coca Cola and McDonald's.

For four years he taught "Conscious Evolution" and "Spirituality Daily" personal programs with an annual duration, aimed at facilitating participants in growth.

In late 2005 he decided to withdraw from the activity for some years to deepen his learning and self-knowledge. This space of intense internal activity allowed him to return to teaching with new and overcoming proposals as "THE MASTER OF LEADERSHIP" and "THE ROAD TO MASTERY" two innovative programs that converge their extensive training and extensive international experience in the personal and organizational learning.

Florencia: Hi Patricio, how are you? Thank you so much for this interview. I found it very important to show what you do about what you call The Mastery of Being. Can you tell us what you call the dimension of Being?

PV: The internal transcendent dimension is the dimension of being. As I come from the coaching and leadership world, when one analyze and deepen the leadership you realize that it is part of our collective ignorance, and you do not need more to see the world to realize that our leadership theories are not working. This is almost an empirical evidence because really, when you look at the great masters, such as Budha, when he became enlightened and expressed the four great truths, he said: the first truth in life is suffering, as it is what we are living and the second true that the cause of suffering is ignorance. If we analyze today's culture in the world, except for individual exceptions, we are collectively profoundly ignorant of who we are, what is our purpose, what is the dimension of being. We are not human beings yet, we do not win the title, we are human personalities who are still separated from the dimension of being and obviously, what comes in this new era is to integrate with the human being that is still not happening.
So, that inner dimension that is the axis of life, is neither in the definition of education, or the definition of success, it is not only in the business or professional life, it is not in our personal lives. That is, we have a single integrated life; Personal-Professional. We are identified with a certain level of consciousness where we have separated ourselves from what we are, which is the source of love, wisdom, joy, power, peace, fulfillment and more. We're not connecting with her and this disconnection from what is coming is a profound dissatisfaction of those human beings who does not know well themselves, that do not feel identified, but believes that will solve it out. It is no coincidence that companies, for example, still continue putting the issue as primary endpoint results, but beyond that then we can say no, yes, there are other things more,  what you want. But you go to a company and the reality is that you say, look, you have got to get these results because if not we are all out of the company, and that it is logic, it is not bad. It is simply another indicator of how lost we are. Because when the results are the primary variable, it is impossible to separate it from stress, anxiety, worry, because it is the same internal ignorance. Those states of discomfort simply reflect our estrangement of how are we trying to resolve them through the result out of turn, and this logic already exceeds organizations, it does nothing but encourage such ignorance and scarcity.
So, it is very paradoxical, but it is very interesting too; when one has to analyze all this, seems obvious, but when companies seek results as primary endpoint, what is what we are really looking for ?: what we are looking for is welfare and abundance , but what are we looking for ?.

Florencia: Sure, we all like to live well and have plenty, be happy.

PV: So here comes the interesting part to activate the  Being dimension, because the being dimension is not only that inexhaustible source of all good, but also intelligent eyes, wise eyes to see what it is happening. And the question is: what are we creating as we pursue those results in business?; Suffering and shortages !. It is also important to observe people working within those companies.
For example, in one of which I was working for, suddenly they where being very well, but began selling its shares in the public market. From there it was very paradoxical what happened, because it was a very profitable company, but did not give the expected results and as began trading publicly, the new shareholders were totally dissatisfied and then you get to the madness of profitable companies undergoing crises because they do not give all the results that were promised to the new shareholders, what a madness !, and from there the company decides to go down bonus to 50% to all managers, directors, but it was crazy to people because the company was doing well, it was very profitable, do you understand ?.

Florencia: Yes, absolutely. It was the ambition in the service of the company.

PV: the interesting thing was to hear the comments of those who were reduced bonuses, and the comment of a manager for example was: well, so far it was worth to rough  during the year because I won my bonus, but now that you put it down 50% i do not know if worth's it. What he says is not only the madness of the collective companies, but also the people who work in companies that are willing to rough it, stressed, worried, anxious, but if you get this bonus weekend, it justifies year, then you've damaged your cells, generated diseases, increased aging, polluting the planet, because it was justified by the end result. This logic, which is not only the shareholders but also employees, is the same that operates outside organizations, because that is the consciousness we have collectively.

Florencia: Absolutely.

PV: This of not being aware of what I'm giving to myself all the time, with the total collective ignorance about how the internal states of such low vibration we hold in all cities everywhere, not only damage cells, but they also pollute the planet, and this is already scientific !. And we also know that the illusion of materialism is not so much accumulate material goods, but is the illusion that we are physical beings and therefore we believe that these internal energy states, do not leave the environment. We are energy beings with a physical body, which is also energy. And as the physical body is not able to "lock" our internal states, our contribution to society is the quality of our internal states. Therefore every city, every country and therefore the planet has a collective consciousness that is built with the energy contribution of each one of us, that with the illusion to seek a result, no matter what happens on the inside, i'm doing a mess with me, I'm making a mess with the planet and create as we have seen, the opposite of our intentions and desires; dissatisfaction and scarcity. This energy variable where people do not have the power to intervene in their internal world, to bring wealth inside, forced to "enrich their outer world", activating the illusory and endless search for more results, is never going to be enough, because it is not true that the external, cause your pain or your welfare. So this new logic of perceiving life and business involves new skills once you see it.
And the only thing that can give an effective response to the problem of human being profound shortage, (and profound shortage that has nothing to do with whether you have or you do not have money) is the disconnection with the natural abundance of our real Self , whose first manifestation is your inner being. The only cause of the shortage is our separation consciousness with the transcendental and spiritual dimension of Being. So, look how interesting it is. Don´t you think so?, because for the first time you begin to see the hidden link (to the current collective consciousness) connecting the spiritual with economics. The following sentence makes it very exposed, "when I am not enough, what I have is not enough." And in that equation, it joins what was separate, which is the economy with spirituality. It is not just a problem of the economy, but also of spirituality just as we have understood so far, because we have so many beliefs that say they are spiritual but are not spiritual, for example, to join spirituality with poverty. And it seems that poverty is a virtue when it is not a virtue; wealth is a virtue!. In the new world the idea is that everyone has access to internal and external abundance. And the external abundance arises naturally when everyone has the courage to bring to the world their unique gifts and talents and make them serve others. External abundance does not mean that you have millions, it means that you earn but you have enough to live as you wish. Internal and external abundance means that what I am and what I have is enough. It is not possible this kind of internal-external abundance without deep love for oneself without the ability to extend this love to others after abundance is possible. To Love oneself is one of the most powerful ways to activate the dimension of Being in life and in business, which is the only real source of wealth keys.

Individually and collectively we have forgotten who we are, we do not remember the truth, that is why we said: "the truth will set you free" because we do not know. But we do not know that we do not know. And it is very common, for example, if the computer crashes or someone tells me something "inappropriate" I get angry and think I have very good arguments to get angry, to say things, to have a bad time to be "offended" or what you want. And why do I do so? Because I think I have good and substantial reasons ... to feel bad  !.
What is interesting is that we are all very ignorant and it is not "bad", it is where we are collectively as a developmental stage. Ignorance is simply disconnect with the Self, it is not bad, it is inevitable when we are disconnected from the transcendent dimension.
But the interesting thing is knowing that we have thousands of arguments per day for things that happen "out there" to have a bad time "inside." Therefore you would have a "serious" problem !.
If the quality of my internal states is what I give myself and what I give to the planet, and I live life that way, believing that "what happens" is what "happens to me," I have no power over my internal states, the only thing left is to "intervene" in the external world to receive "good" stimuli. IMPOSSIBLE!!!.

I have no chance of success because things will continue happening. There are going to keep falling computers, someone will be late, you will be locked in a traffic jam, you're going to say things you do not like, you will go threw events you would never have chosen, etc,
The usual state in our culture is a state of absence of power, wisdom, love, wealth, happiness, peace.
Not outwardly causing the inner, but in reverse. It is not the war that takes us away from peace, but the state of internal conflict of the human being as the only cause of external wars. They are external events that cause our discomfort, but it is our accumulated events in the past within us that calls and attracts new external events to manifest discomfort. Events are new, but the emotions we feel are old.
We have many collective emotional illusions from which we hold many beliefs very damaging to our internal states that are caused by external factors. These states with such low vibration, so far from being a real wealth, make us sick, obstruct all our possibilities in life and also pollute our societies and the planet of negativity.

Florencia: You said that it is not outside what causes the inner ¿right ?, that we generate our own states, but recently I went to an IDEA ( Institute for Argentine Enterprise Development) meeting where Jacob Morgan was talking about The Future of Work and saying that organizations are not properly designed to allow management done in an evolutionary manner, such as you mentioned it, allowing it to let beings produce, make profits, assets, etc, and well, as you mentioned, he had a company that had become his public actions and did not earn much. I remember I was invited to a talk to a leadership course degree that wants to replicate the organizational development center at MIT in the ITBA and I talked with people that worked in a bank that were super alienated and although ... yes, you can ensure that they achieve some mastery of Being and everything, there is a concrete reality that causes people to be alienated.

PV: "The concrete reality" doesn´t exists, it is an internal state. How a person lives it has little to do with what happens out there and everything to do with what happens in here. We live alienated and stressed because that is the state of ignorance, that is suffering. Suffering is resistance. When you listen to a guy like Eckhart Tolle, who is a recognized teacher everywhere, he says: to make action really beneficial and powerful, we must be set free from resistance and therefore stress-free, free from worry .
The challenge is to recognize and lovingly conquer our human part that is resistance because it is ignorance, it is the part of us that do not know the truth.
We really need profound teachings, not cosmetic ones as leadership, that allow us to access that source of no internal resistance in order to, for example: if I'm working with a team and see that we are all stressed, to say then; "ok boys we stop, we can not leave anything good in the internal state in which we are !, let´s make a few conscious breaths, emotional wisdom techniques, let´s transmute stress, and re connect it with welfare, and only then we can continue to work. And when a team gets out of internal states of stress, tension and concern, not only unlock inside which is obstructing the natural well-being, but also unlock from the outside any lock out to abundance of the business in question.

In the case of a company in which one all are stressed and in conflict with investors, we did several exercises "to clean" the internal negativity, the aggression they had, we accessed to a deeper well being, and that week the most troubled investors began to call alone to solve conflicts.
In the "new world" that is coming, the deeper spiritual truths will be powerful practices to live and work happily and abundantly daily. These practices remind us that our first job is tidying our inner world (the passage of discomfort welfare) and only from these natural states of being, we launch us to powerful and beneficial actions for all the people involved (over evil-achieving to the well-achieve).

I will tell you another impressive case. The president of a company with which one I worked with, could apply, in a super contentious meeting with an outraged and very angry investor, many of the things we're talking about. Both the president and the investor came very negatively charged by the recent past of much conflict between their interests. And there was a new meeting. Before that meeting, the president was able to work and get rid of much of the accumulated negativity and began to see the importance of unlocking-emotionally low vibration frequencies to access to the natural well-being and to consider seriously not only their interests, but also the interests of all the people involved.
The meeting began very tense, as an extension of the recent past, with the investor threatening to new and more radical lawsuits. Each held his position of defense and attack, threats, etc. At one point, the president (my client) "agreed" and started bringing a whole new energy.
He left the defense and the attack attitude, stopped dealing "only" his interests and began to consider "seriously" to the investor's interests with proposals that aimed to help, when until a few moments it was just the opposite. It was such a shock to the investor to see the genuine and beneficial president's position, that a silence came first and automatically changed the energy in a so strong manner that all went into that frequency of the common good. The meeting ended up with an unthinkable hug with the investor decision to increase their investment in the business. WONDERFUL!!!

Working from welfare states and taking into account the common good of everybody involved is completely spiritual, but not the theoretical spirituality, but real spiritual principles put into concrete practice.

When business is done from the welfare and the common good, it frees natural laws cooperation that start to play for and to support the business. Although that seems like science fiction today, I can assure you that it is "Pure Power". What needs to change is the fuel energy with which we work; from stress and conflict to welfare and peace. The madness is to believe that a troubled guy is a committed guy. A concerned guy is a problem for himself, for society and for the planet !.

Florencia: It is the mindset that governs general organizations.

PV: But what happens is that we can not say that "this" is just an organizational phenomenon, because all this logic is also seen in families and in all areas of life, because as it is within us, we carry it wherever we go. It is very obvious that we are reaching the limits of our culture, because the boundaries we are living in have nothing to do with what happens in some specific field, that is a limit of a collective way of being that is doing us so bad that we are self-destructing.
What are coming are new paradigms that transcend organizations, but also include a new generation of entrepreneurs / employees that I call ; "Master leaders". When I see my mission from an organizational point of view, I define it as the contribution to a new generation of master-leaders, who may have the ability to develop a sustainable progress from the conscious evolution point of view, releasing their best for the benefit of everybody. And it really is. What comes is something that is very beneficial and very powerful, individually and collectively. It's something completely out of the known. Even those who teach and believe they know and do not know they do not know. This is a culture where one-eyed teach blind and where people that is not healed yet, want to heal others.

Florencia: Yeah, that's what's happening in business schools, they are teaching anything and recycling the same model. What you say reminds me a lot Maturana's philosophy of collaboration, and Mintzberg term of communitiship. When he speaks about communitiship, talking about the ability to generate tribes of people who contribute to the common good and generate a better collective energy or better than the one that is individually generated.

PV: The leader is not the best individual, but the one that makes the greatest contribution to the whole. Then the new master leader is representative of the whole, beyond that if he is working on something particular, is someone who is working with the whole as axis to see what decision makes. It is not only if he benefits or do not benefit my area, but how am i contributing to the entirety and in that contribution are also internal states. There is a deep good in that.

Florencia: Analyzing the new economic political scene. When I look beyond the political affinities, I observe leaders. What I see is the ability to interrelate people that president Macri has. What it's next has to do with the ability to generate a collective energy that contributes to the common good and therefore everything else. Having a better welfare state, the same transported to NGOs. How do you see it in your experience with companies to generate this, is it common?

PV: We need to know that the Earth is going through a collective evolutionary process and new paradigms of which ones we are going to rebuild our individual and collective lives from the inside out, in the light of a deeper connection with ourselves. So it's not just a matter of community, but is a matter of deep well individuation to go through all fears. For example, it is very important that people do not stay in jobs for fear, because we are there wasting impressive gifts, as everyone is in fear, few dare to follow his heart, then we have lost on the surface, but we need the gifts of all. Then in the new organizational awareness for example, may not be someone whose gifts and talents are not used for the good of all. It is not just a matter of community but of individuation. That the individual actually is encouraged to transcend their fears, bring the best of themselves, which is natural to him and that the whole of humanity begins to be an orchestra with all the musicians in it and tuned instruments.

Florencia: As Otto Scharmer says, to achieve a sound like a cathedral.

PV: It is a process of individuation and when you do so, it is from that deepest place that you really can connect with others, because otherwise you lose you in others. It requires a very deep work with yourself to go through the fear of survival and access internal and external natural abundance.
Our human hand, not divine, is very scarce. We are human and are beings, both form the Human Beings. The human part is really scarce, but it is not that it is bad, scarce is the absence of necessary abundance so that, at some point you get tired of going to find out in the world and disappointed with it you decide to go inside, go through your fears and pain and find your Self and bring it to the world. And you have to connect with your shortage, with your unhappiness with your ignorance, your concerns, your questions, your heartbreak, and go through them.

Florencia: What is the difference with coaching?

PV: coaching tools are what I call second-level teachings, more intellectual, more superficial, like axis to achieve a change of perspective to be more effective in the world. Taught among other things the "free will"; if I realize that between stimulus and response there is a space, that space is born "free will" then i can choose other options. The great forget of coaching is that there are actions that create, but the state of being of the one who makes them is important. So coaching in general lacks the necessary depth to produce real and beneficial transformation, which is only possible through access to inner transcendent dimension.
The second level includes affirmations and positive thinking ... If when i do affirmations of abundance I am in a state of scarcity, i will create scarcity, not abundance !. And if I change a negative thought by another positive, I am giving more power and feeding my negativity that now dominates me even more from the unconscious.
What is coming is a spiritual connection seriously, it is to connect with the transcendent dimension inside yourself and develop the ability to love ourselves. Today we are attacking ourselves.

Florencia: Is that why there is so much cancer?

PV: "Illness as a path" is a book I read, where you have a deeper look of disease and every illness has its logic. When it speaks about cancer, it says that there are cells with ambition who want to grow by others without consider the body that housed them. "Ambition" begin to grow without taking into account that there is a body, they are there, but that ambition grow, grow and end up killing one carrying them, committing suicide unconsciously. Then the authors of the book, come to a wonderful conclusion that: " it is not that society has cancer, it IS cancer". Because of that is the logic of separation with The Being Source, when that dissatisfaction inherent in the state of separation with the Being / Source, try to be filled out (impossible) it is asked so much to the progress that it ends up being self-destructive and it is unsustainable. But the problem is not out there, it is dissatisfaction and ignorance of wanting to solve it out. So we have to solve the central problem of unsustainable progress that is internal dissatisfaction, and that can only be dissolved with the presence of Being who you are. That is why we need lessons that go beyond leadership, it is required to enter a path to mastery in life, to access the wisdom of life, a deeper understanding of who you are, your life purpose, and bring your being to the world. Then, the flagship phrase of all this is "never go to the world in search of something, go within, find your being and take it to the world."

It was really a pleasure to share this talk with Patricio. For more information on the program "The Road to Mastery", call La Posada del Ser Address: Catamarca 2188, Martinez, Buenos Aires Telephone: 011 4836-3519.

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