jueves, agosto 20, 2009

Asista a los webinars de RSE del Boston College!

September 2: How you can measure your company's performance: Standards of Excellence in Corporate Community Involvement
The bar for community involvement managers continues to rise in this rapidly changing economic environment. External stakeholders are not satisfied with grants and volunteers. They want you to make a difference. Internal stakeholders want to you do more than align your programs with the business. To help community involvement managers aspire toward excellence in this changing environment, a small group of companies have worked with the Boston College Center over the past year to formulate the new Standards of Excellence in Corporate Community Involvement and an associated diagnostic tool. We'll discuss in this webinar how you can use the new Standards and share initial data indicating how companies are performing against them.
In this webinar you'll learn: What separates excellent community involvement programs from mediocre ones How you can measure and benchmark your programs against a set of standardsClick here to register for our Sept. 2 webinar
September 16: Presenting the 2009State of Corporate Citizenship in the U.S. In this webinar, we will discuss the current State of Corporate Citizenship in the United States and illustrate how American companies see citizenship as strategic to business in these tough economic times. We will look at how businesses are faring according to senior leaders from small, medium and large companies in the United States. Those same leaders will reveal which aspects of corporate citizenship are weathering the economic storm and which parts are being battered.
The biennial State of Corporate Citizenship Survey, co-sponsored by the Hitachi Foundation and the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, was conducted in June 2009 and included more than 750 CEOs and senior executives from small, medium and large companies across the United States.
In this webinar you'll learn: What senior executives see as the role of business in solving the current economic crisis What are the key drivers for business to engage in corporate citizenship practices? Are companies better aligning corporate citizenship with their business strategy? Are companies becoming "greener" or planning to "green" their products and operations in the future? What do executives see as the most important components of corporate citizenship in their companies? The extent to which company leaders believe business should be involved in addressing public policy issues such as climate change, health care and public educationClick here to register
for our Sept. 16 webinar
Upcoming webinars October 7: Getting better visibility for your programs: Improving Communications for Community Involvement ManagersOctober 21: Strong Citizenship = Increased Reputation: How companies have leveraged the good work they are doingNovember 4: What you need to be successful in your job: The competencies of successful Corporate Community Involvement LeadersNovember 18: Find out if your company is "Wired To Care": An interview with Dev PatnaikTo see full schedule and to register for these webinars visit our web site: www.bccorporatecitizenship.org/webinars

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