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Webinar: How is Corporate Citizenship weathering the recession?

What are the trends?
Is there any good news?

September 16: Exclusive Sneak Preview of the 2009 State of Corporate Citizenship in the U.S.

Join us for this pre-release webinar to learn about the latest findings from the 2009 State of Corporate Citizenship. As we reflect upon the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression, the Center's biennial survey of 756 senior executives offers encouraging news.
Key findings show:

* Despite recession, the commitment to corporate citizenship continues - 54 percent of executives say it is even more important during a recession.
* Only modest cuts in community support - Only 38 percent say their company decreased its philanthropy/giving (50 percent stayed the same; 10 percent increased).
* An increased appreciation of the business value of corporate citizenship - Sustainability is now seen as a major business driver with 52 percent (65 percent of large companies) designing or offering sustainable products or services.
* An increased role for business in public policy - Most U.S. senior executives believe business should be more involved than it is today in addressing major public policy issues.

Do the survey results compare to what's happening in your company? The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship will lead an interactive discussion on the 2009 State of Corporate Citizenship and reveal how corporate citizenship is weathering the economic storm.

The biennial State of Corporate Citizenship Survey is a joint project of the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and The Hitachi Foundation. The 2009 survey was conducted in June and included over 750 CEOs and senior executive from small, medium and large companies across the United States.

Speakers include:

* Chris Pinney, director of research and policy,Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship
* Vesela Veleva, research manager, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship
* The Hitachi Foundation

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